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Latest PrimeJailbait News - 04/03/2019

Update: The site will go offline permanently on July 7th, 2019
Over the last 7+ years, PrimeJailbait has grown far beyond the initial expectations. At the time, the multiple servers, redundant switches, gateways, routers & UTM equipment were state of the art. But with the amount of traffic today, this infrastructure simply won’t do. The entire network needs to be replaced. In EU Article 13, we face the very real issue that PJB and PAT are about to become ILLEGAL in EU member states. In the near future we would have to deny access to PJB from EU member states. ISPs in the EU will probably block us on their own anyways. Basically Directive 13 shifts the responsibility for sharing copyrighted works (intentional or unintentional) from the contributor to the actual website hosting the image. And the penalties for violation are stiff. In summary, its far more expensive to operate a global website with over a 1,000,000 daily page views than when PJB began. We also face the prospect of losing the continent of Europe. Many of our most famous and popular contributors live in an EU member state. Unfortunately, we cannot justify spending a quarter million US dollars on a new network at a time when it appears we will have insufficient time to recoup the investment. We have successfully fought off all the haters for 7 years, but it seems we only won the battle. The war is lost. The regulators are closing in and financially PJB is no longer a viable entity. With a very heavy heart, I must inform you that PJB will be closing. There is no specific date, but the closure will occur before Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  The site will remain fully active until closure, so those of you who wish to continue uploading are welcome to do so. When the site closes, the entire database and all images will be deleted. There will be no backups or offline copies. Upon closure, PJB will simply vanish along with all photos, messaging history, tags, etc. So be sure to save a copy of whatever photos you wish to keep.
With the sincerest of sentiments, PJB Staff
For DMCA takedown requests email [email protected]

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